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Covid 19

SARS-COV2 and COViD-19

SARS-CoV2 is the virus that has caused the pandemic disease Covid-19 which has spread swiftly around the World with very serious consequences.

This is one of seven known corona viruses, four of which cause mild symptoms such as the common cold, and have been around for centuries  The other three are more recently emerged and are SARs-CoV, which affected the Far East in 2003, MERS- CoV (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) which emerged in 2012 and still causes infection, and the new SARS - CoV2 which causes the COViD-19 disease (Coronona Virus Disease 2019).


Transmission of this virus is primarily through droplets and vapour from the breath, however fomite transmission (from infected surfaces) is also known to occur, and it is therefore vital that surfaces are properly disinfected on a regular basis to mitigate the transmission of SARS-CoV2 by touching a contaminated surface.  The virus can remain viable for up to 72 hours on a hard surface such as steel or glass, with reduced length of viability on softer surfaces.

The SARS-Cov2 virus is an enveloped virus which means its core is surrounded by a fatty lipid layer.  It can be destroyed by disrupting this layer, which is why soap and water to wash the hands for 20 seconds is highly effective.

ServiceMaster East Lancashire use a high grade Sanitiser and Disinfectant which was developed by ServiceMaster many years ago and is known to be effective against enveloped viruses, as well as other types of virus, bacteria and funguses.  This product is called SaniMaster and it is used for cleaning and sanitising throughout our cleaning process to ensure the best possible sanitisation for our clients and their staff and visitors.

ServiceMaster Clean East Lancashire carry out touch point sanitisation on every service visit, and in the event of an outbreak can swiftly fog an area with SaniMaster to ensure maximum penetration of all elements to sanitise your room and return it to a safe condition.



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